The Push

After five years of dawdling I’m finally finding the time and passion to process and present my thoughts on, well…stuff!

The thought of writing a blog came to me when I turned 20. You know, just out of “teenagedom”, I wanted to feel a sense of maturity, which according to me was attainable by writing blogs (go ahead, laugh).  I made up my mind and I set up an account. But, it turned out that I needed more than just cognition to write a blog, I needed WORDS!

My very first thought when I sat on my chair to type my very first blog back in ’09 was HOW DO I BEGIN! The 20-year old me needed a topic, a subject matter, to write about. Amidst all these thoughts, I began to pep-up my dashboard, wrote a li’l something about myself – 20, student, perfectionist, cryptanalyst, blah, blah – you know the kind of stuff you find on user profiles of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and what not. I chose a nice subtle theme (yeah, I was into a lot of subtlety back then) to complement my profile. I gave my profile a face.  When all this was done, my brain was too tired to process anymore. You know, uploading a pretty picture also takes a lot of thinking (gotta look good, yo!).  I logged off.

The second time I logged into my account was after a month. The feeling to feel a sense of maturity had worn off but a tiny speck of it was still alive. I took a deep breath and clicked on ‘New’. The subtle colored website stared back at me. It said ‘Title’. Damn! WORDS!!! I remembered somebody telling me, “Music helps you find words sometimes” (divine advice). Desi Girl soundtrack started to make its way into my ears, followed by Maa Da Ladla….. Um, no, music doesn’t help you find words (atleast not the kind of music that I listen to), it kills them. I logged off.

After many such randomly spaced episodes that lasted a year (avoiding excruciating details here, you’re welcome!), I found my words today! And what’s more exciting to me is that I found my very first topic too – ME!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vivek says:

    Just one post?


  2. I’m dawdling again! 😀


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